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Post  Timoses on Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:39 am

Hi, since there isn't any thread yet I'll just open one :>
so anyone can get in here and say hello.

Just as I am doing now. Hi guys and girls.
I'm playing on LastWow for a couple of months now and I'm glad I could
join Warlords with my newest noob warrior char "Potatau" :>.
My other chars are:
Elsadun - Druid tank (JC)
Epidauros - Leatherworker (Holy priest)
Dedi - Alchemist (Frost Mage)
Thybear - Enchanter (Shaman)

I'd be glad to maybe once join Warlords with Elsadun since he is my main char.

Gbyes and let's get the forum+guild rocking.

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