A way to get ontop of Iron Forge!

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A way to get ontop of Iron Forge!

Post  Exanos on Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:17 pm

You might know me as Exanos(druid), Exanor(rogue) or Ageron(priest)

Follow this guide (maybe ill make a video):
To get on top of Iron Forge, you will first need a way to get the buff Slow Fall. Priests Levitate allso works. On the pictures i used my priest for that reason. Engineer's parachute cloak should work too, havent tested it on last wow yet though. There are allso some drinks that allow you to Slow Fall. The best way is to drink Noggenfogger Elixir, you can buy it in Tanaris, Gadgetzan, after you do a quest.

1. STEP: The Spot

Go to The Gates of Iron Forge whinch are infront of the Alliance city Iron Forge, located at Dun Morogh. If you came from inside Iron Forge (portal side) then turn LEFT, you will get to to this point:

Follow the road up and you will soon get to a dead end... or will you? Very Happy Position your character about like this and use your head to aim where your character is turned:

2. STEP: The Jump
Now mount up and get the item or spell ready to fall slowly. And here's all the magic: Jump and use it about a second after you jump, ASAP. If you followed all the above stepps correctly, it should now look a bit like this:

and when you land:

4. STEP: The Climb
Your nearly there! Now mount up once more and climb your way up that mountain!bounce
To make it easyer...

Congratulations, you made it!


The List
Now its time to really start exploring!

The next locations can be found on top of Ironforge!

The Gates

You can get there if you turn left and go past the Flag and do a litle jumping. Bring some food, the jumping hurts!

The Airport

You can go to the airport, turn east and keep going, you can jump down and probably die if you wont slowfall/iceblock/boubble... or you can go to the left and oround the big jump.

The Tent

The tent is far to the northwest, you go past the flagg but stay at the top of the mountains, soon you will see a campfire...

The Cave

The cave is near The Flagg and The Tent, you just go north from The Tent and you will get to a hole in the mountain.

The Flag

The Flag is just left from where you get ontop of the mountain, you will see a high hill with a miners banner on it. Its the highest part of Dun Morogh.


It was fun making this guide, took a while though :p
No one was hurt in the making of this guide, exept for my priest who had to pay 22g for repairs (watch where you stepp Exclamation Very Happy )
If you want any more information feel free to contact me ingame on any of my characters, Good luck and have fun Warlords!

I think its all legal, show them these guide if any1 says your flyhacking!
This guide has been made for the wiev and use of the members of Warlords, any one else can not study it or use it in any way.

Cool Exa Cool

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Re: A way to get ontop of Iron Forge!

Post  Aerius on Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:13 pm

hehe nice one exanor its just like the retail servers .. it was the biggest craze to get on top of Ironforge before BC came out
you explained it perfectly Very Happy good work


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