Indtroduction ( Mangal )

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Indtroduction ( Mangal )

Post  0mangal0 on Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:33 am

Hi friends I have just joined the guild.. playing wow since last 3 years... and for 7-8 months played on lastwow then left due to studies and now again started...
My chars on Lastwow:
Uv - Druid Balance; proff - enchanting.
KArtikeya - Druid Feral; proff - JC mining
Chabi - Warlock; proff - enchating + tailor
Nishachar - Rogue; proff - first aid
Mangal - Warrior Tanker; proff - BS mining
Aditi - Priest healer; proff - alchemy herbalism
Healladin - Pally healer; proff - none

Any help pm me in game or leave msg here!

Thank you!


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