Guild News (start of 2010)

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Guild News (start of 2010) Empty Guild News (start of 2010)

Post  Aimee on Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:07 am

News for the start of 2010

We are now older then a year and pretty much the oldest and biggest Guild on Lastwow that has been active since the beginning. Even though things can never become like the old days (wich were better then good) i'd still like to thank everyone who helped me in small ways. YOU GUYS are the reason this guild still exists!

Not to mention Govii for taking over Guild Lead once and you're awesome raids, thanks so much for that!
And ofcourse now Krazzy as Guild Lead, thank you for taking over the guild ^^ all hope now rests in you're hands! lol
and ofcourse i shouldn't forget about the grand man himself, Aerius (Herroth) for making this awesome (and beautiful) warlords forum!
Ofcourse i also have this list of names of people who have been either helpfull or just awesome as a person, the reason why i wont post this list is coz i will be sure i would forget some names..
Thank you ALL for being (and some still are) around! (and being very awesome!!) ^^

Important Rules that have been added / changed:

- Be Nice! This is our number 1 rule!
- Dont Spam! I think we all agree on this.
- Dont ask for gold! Most people just can't stand beggars.
- Dont ask for promotions! instead do things to 'earn' it, makes sure the guild / co leaders see you do this.

These are the most important 4 things!
Everyone Enjoy you're stay in Warlords (hopefully as usual)!

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